Max Weiland is a racing driver with Magik Kart USA. He is affiliated with Checkered Motorsports, Electronic Merchant Systems, EMS Race Team, Ferrari of San Francisco, and BRM Chronographes.

He started his career in racing as an 8-year old winning one of two races he entered that year before a brief retirement. In 2021, as a 10-year old, Max returned to the sport, and in what was only his first full season of competition netted five wins while racing against tough local and top regional competition. In 2022 Max is now running in national events across the United States. In the Summer of 2021, Max also completed a week of training in Italy with R3 Motorsports and the CRG Factory team.

Our goal is to keep improving and keep enjoying the racing and the camaraderie with our fellow racers and families and see where that takes us.

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