Max Weiland: “You know what? I’m going to go fast”

by | Mar 24, 2023

As one of the youngest drivers competing at the SKUSA Pro Tour event in Orlando, Max turned in a tremendous drive to qualify P7 out of 56 karts.

He followed that performance with an epic interview that could have ended with a mic drop.
Here is that video:

Below is a transcript of the conversation:

INTERVIEWER: Max, you were in the second-slowest group and made it into the top 10. A fantastic effort. Walk me through it.
MAX: Yeah, so I had a problem in happy hour. I was a little slow. And then I was like, you know what? Screw this. I’m going to go fast.

My team helped make a monster car. I go out there, first lap, not that good. Second lap, not that good. So I’m like, I gotta think. I gotta put my head down. I gotta get a pretty good lap.

Then, I go out and it’s a P7 lap. At the time, that was first for that group. Then, the next group, I’m still P1. Then, on the last lap, I go to P7.

But it’s okay. I was pretty close. I’m still in the fight first for a podium.

For me, being 11, I’m one of the youngest here. So, it’s a good moment to know that I’m beating all these kids.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah. And Max, we saw AJ Myers in the background, obviously with the Magik Kart group. You have a lot of people here helping you.

Talk me through who you’d like to thank for this effort.

MAX: Yeah, I’d like to thank my whole team. My whole team’s so happy because I’m losing in KA and then they realize I get good results. They’re like, yay. Yeah, you did it.
So, I gotta thank my team and my father. Thank you guys so much. I gotta give this to you guys.

Thank you.

INTERVIEWER: A very happy Maxwell. He will start 7th in your KA Junior heats tomorrow.

Fantastic effort for the young KA junior, your rookie.

Back to you guys in the booth.

STUDIO ANALYST 1: Thanks, Alexander. You know what I’m going to do after we close up tonight?

I’m going to go online, and I’m going to join the Max Weiland fan club. That kid just exudes energy and enthusiasm, and that’s half a battle.

So, God bless him. He had a good run. Not as good as he wanted, but he’s prepared tomorrow to take it a step further.

Unofficially, I’m going to be pushing for him tomorrow because what an enthusiastic kid.

STUDIO ANALYST 2: That’s so cool to see, right there. To see kids with that much fire and enthusiasm out of them, is so great.

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